bajaj pulsar modifications

With over a billion plus population, the bike industry in India has seen spectacular growth in the last decade and continues to move from strength to strength. Motorbikes in India encompass a major portion of the Indian two-wheeler industry. This huge growth in the bike segment is purely attributed to two important factors, namely disposable income and availability of cheap financial services. With changing market dynamics, bikes have slowly started replacing the scooter and mopeds. Consuming a large share in the Indian two-wheeler industry, bikes have come to represent style and class for many Indian men and a few women as well.

Some Indian companies like Hero Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Bajaj have ardent followers throughout the country. The launch of the Bajaj Pulsar DTSi was a class in itself. It was largely responsible for changing the image of Bajaj as a 'scooter maker'. Hero Honda is said to be the number one bike manufacturer in the world followed closely by its Indian counterpart Bajaj India.

However there are a few bike enthusiasts who prefer imported bikes. High-performance super bikes like the Suzuki Hayabusa and Kawasaki Ninja have a huge fan following on Indian roads. While a Suzuki Zeus, Hero Honda Karizma and Honda Unicorn may have their loyal fans, these high-speed super bikes are for those with a zeal for speed

With a steady and constant growth in the economy many people are turning to bikes. Even people who own cars are purchasing bikes as they move quickly in and out of traffic. Many Indian middle class families are now able to afford a two-wheeler due to it being economical, safe, fuel-efficient and cost effective. Bike manufacturers in India are constantly competing against each other to launch the next classy bike. By introducing special technologies and innovative features, they are slowly eating into the bike industry in India, leaving very little room for a scooter or moped to manoeuvre. With the coming of the 4-stroke engine into India, bikes have become more fuel efficient thus increasing their market potential even further.

The young generation of India prefers bikes to cars. Due to imported bikes being expensive, bike enthusiasts resort to cheap alterations to their bikes. Bike modification is the latest craze among the Indian youth. Some of the common alterations include increasing the rear tyre size, adding shock absorbers and even changing the entire body of the bike, leaving just the engine intact. Bright paint jobs and snazzy colours make the bike and its owner stand out in a crowd anytime.

With the decrease in duties and taxes, cheap consumer loans and convenience as compared to the public transit system, the motorcycle industry in India promises to keep continuing to cater to the ever changing needs of the Indian people.

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