Mio scooter Injection This Offer New Features

A motor scooter type m from the first injection of Yamaha engines ready to be launched in the domestic market. However, Yamaha Mio introduced the 115i first (injection) in the Thai market.

Reports from Thailand, Yamaha site, Monday, January 16, 2012, 115i, or Yamaha Mio, Mio Y (call for Indonesia) The design of sport and more elegant than the previous generation of the mio.

Yamaha made ​​changes to the design of the front turn signals and fog lamps (the melancip). However, the management plan for lighting changes. With regard to the stern of a futuristic and elegant.

The scooter is equipped with a number of new features such as advanced high-stress can load a helmet, lock and safety standard for magnetic contacts which can turn on the engine side (sidestand swith).

Yamaha Mio dipersenjati 115i engine 4-stroke, SOHC with a capacity of 113.69 cc. Engine fuel system already uses the motorcycle fuel injection system (FI), called the latest Yamaha Jet Fuel Injection Mixture (YMJET-FI).

Scooters with 93 kg, also equipped with a larger fuel tank (4.8 liters) weighs. Claiming YMJET-FI to be able to use the engine more fuel efficient and save more than 30 per cent.

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